Modular Constructions

In Remsa as manufacturers of modules we adjust any type of modular constructions to the needs of our clients. Therefore we have different manufacturing ranges.

We offer everything from booths on site to prefabricated offices, modular homes, changing rooms, completely new dressing rooms and designed on request.

Prefabricated classrooms

Prefabricated offices

 Sports facilities


Prefabricated homes

Construction huts

 Prefabricated warehouses

 Prefabricated changing rooms


 Portable toilets

 Portable ships

Modular buildings

Do you know the advantages of prefabricated modules?

Materials and manufacturing processes that respect the environment.
Manufacturing speed.
Mobile structures that can be assembled and disassembled in the place where they are required.
Total customization on manufacturing without sacrificing design and comfort.
 Compliance with the Technical Building Code.