Work Fences

Remsa supplies work fencess for different uses. We have fences of work of two types:


For the temporary channeling of pedestrians and traffic on the perimeter of the work, delimitation of access, parking, signaling of obstacles, etc.

In Remsa we also have anti-roll fences. These fences are similar to pedestrian fences, but instead of being completely vertical they are arranged with a certain degree of inclination that offers greater resistance to overturning.


Composed of electrowelded mesh frames with concrete or rubber fastening.

  • Frames: 3.50 x 1.90 m electrowelded mesh forming a 150 × 125 / 3.40 mm grid welded to 40 mm tubes at both ends.
  • Concrete feet: concrete bases of 32 kg of great resistance thanks to the rods inside that prevent breakage. Its holes allow to place the frame in different angles as required. Despite being mobile, these metal fences are very resistant and stable.
  • Rubber feet.

Do you know the advantages of construction fences?

 Any of the fences of work admits personalization and incorporation of identification plate.

 Raffia can be incorporated into metal fences to limit the visualization of the bounded area