Blast freezers

Freezing tunnels are large tight metal chambers that can store goods safely; at the same time, thanks to the powerful engines available can keep the inside at subzero temperatures without any problems.

Although at first glance its function is similar to that of a normal reefer container, freezing tunnels allow to reach subzero temperatures, even below those offered by a normal cold room, at a higher speed, making them ideal for keeping food or materials they need a degree of precise cold or very low temperature.


  • Dimensiones exteriores: 12,19 x 2,44 x 2,90 m
  • Dimensiones interiores: 9,07 x 2,29 x 2,02 m
  • Peso: 7300 KG
  • Rango de temperatura: de -40º a 0º
  • Tipo de refrigerante: R449A
  • Compresor: 2 x 30 HP
  • Descarche: eléctrico
  • Ventiladores: 4
  • Caudal de aire: 14 m3/s
  • Capacidad de carga de suelo: 1500 KG/m2
  • Registro de datos: software con comunicación vía internet
  • Aviso de registros: SMS y e-mail
  • Consumo eléctrico: 400 V trifásicos + neutral + tierra
  • Potencia: 52 KW
  • Potencia máxima consumida: 150 A
  • Intensidad régimen nominal: 90 A