Remsa offers a variety of equipment to suit not only your need for space, but also it ready to use it from the first minute. This team may purchase at lease or sale, always in the most advantageous for you.

  • Air Conditioning: we offer air conditioning installation, window or split type.
  • Custom Storefronts: personalize the front of his building to give the distinction, design and appearance you want.
  • Accessibility: install stairs or ramp systems adapted for disabled guests.
  • Windows: Installing windows and windows provide more light and spaciousness to its construction.
  • Voice and data: Accredited by Remsa made ​​whole installation of voice and data to be communicated at all times.
  • Fire Extinguishers: let him hire fire extinguishers, foam or CO2, according to the regulations.
  • Shelves: rent metal shelves to solve your storage problems.
  • Furniture: Rent or sale of various kinds of furniture to outfit any space with everything you need.
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