Test benches

The Bank of resistive load or test bench, is a device that aims to provide a proficiency test and load performance with equipment such as generators, so that you can perform load tests at different rates.

The test bench allows Remsa 1200 KW of the following measures depending on the voltage and frequency:

  • 948 KW (group test 1150 KVA maximum approx.) To a voltage of 400 V and 50 Hz.
  • 1200 KW (maximum 1500 group to try KVA approx.) To a voltage of 450 V (maximum) and 60 Hz (feeding fans 50 Hz).
  • Dimensions: 2030 x 1030 x 1088 mm
  • Gross weight: 1200 Kg

Dimensiones: 2030 x 1030 x 1088 mm

Peso bruto: 1200 Kg

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